Hong Kong Is an Archigram City

‘Hong Kong Is an Archigram City’: The Archigram Archive in the M+ Collections

by Aric Chen, Curator at Large, Design and Architecture

Aric represented the M+ with the acquisition of the Archigram archives and has become a trusted friend of the Archagrammers.  Michael Webb describes him as “a nice guy, a professional, someone that can be trusted.  He knows his stuff and he knows Archigram”.   Aric put his body and soul into the acquisition and gained four lifelong friends, Michael Webb, Dennis Crompton, David Greene, and Peter Cook.  -Nancy Wozniak with Michael Webb


Unpacking a drawing from Archigram’s Rent-a-Wall in the M+ storage.
Photo © M+, Hong Kong.

In 2013, M+ approached members of the 1960s and ’70s experimental architecture collective Archigram about including their work in the museum’s collection. When it turned out they were seeking a permanent home for nearly their entire archive—with its 20,000 items, including more than 3,000 drawings alongside models, videos, ephemera, and other materials—we made a strong case for M+, the new museum rising in Hong Kong with a global perspective, to be the institution for the archive. Based in London, Archigram is one of the most influential voices of architecture in the second half of the 20th century. Bringing their archive to M+ was an extraordinary chance to expand the discipline’s global narratives with new perspectives drawn from our region, while using Archigram to lend fresh eyes to how we look at architecture and cities closer to home.  Continue ‘Hong Kong is an Archigram City


Chen, A. (2019, March 22). ‘Hong Kong Is an Archigram City’:  The Archigram Archive in the M+ Collections [Blog Post]. Retrieved from https://stories.mplus.org.hk/en/blog/hong-kong-is-an-archigram-city-the-archigram-archive-in-the-m-collections/?fbclid=IwAR2ckBGA0Oycxbmm6cEj20DuQPu_KPTPTtq65cKNQMiaHT6AJFhz-BzVHtA

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